compassion in action

We can have anything we want in this life if we are willing first to provide it for others. -Sharon Gannon

if we are striving for happiness and freedom, the first call to action is to do our best to provide that for others. you wan to stop suffering, stop causing the suffering of others.  the most direct way to do this is by making the choice to eat a plant-based diet and avoiding the use of animal products in all areas of our lives. through the practice of veganism we can begin to experience how to live in harmony (Yoga) with our fellow Earthlings, who together collectively create this living planet Earth.

happiness and freedom

join me for health and wellness coaching, an opportunity to discuss a vegan, plant based diet and lifestyle.
together we can create strategies to truly revolutionize your life, healing your gut (the true brain of the body)
eradicating main causes of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
as well as purifying karmic ties and moving towards liberation.
it's time to BE YOUR BEST SELF!

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