Carly Boland is a super yoga teacher who is dedicated to her rigorous practice as much is she is dedicated to her students and to all opportunities to share her inspiration from yogic text, in song, dance and celebration.
— David Life, co-founder Jivamukti Yoga

Carly is a great Jivamukti Yoga teacher— I feel very fortunate to attend her classes.
— Sharon Gannon, co-founder Jivamukti Yoga

Carly Boland is a very skillful and generous yoga teacher. Her love for the subject is infectious and she embodies the principles of dedication and compassion. Her classes are challenging, clear and fun!
— Sondra Loring, Director Satya Yoga Center

Wholeheartedly, if you’re looking for quality teaching that goes beyond the physical practice of yoga, you’ve found the right guide in Carly. Thanks to her insight, I learned so much that helped me to dive deeper and propel me forward in my practice, both on and off the mat. She gives her all to her students, and with compassion, she’ll lead you to push beyond and let go of your limitations. Join her light and positive energy!
— Cordelia Stockwell, ESL Teacher

Carly Boland offers a clear, well-structured, physically satisfying yoga class, all illuminated by her charm, compassion, and brightness of spirit. This is my favorite yoga class in the Mid-Hudson Valley. It’s a high point in my week and worth traveling a little further to get to it. I find I am always content and fulfilled during and after Carly’s classes.
— Margot Becker, fundraiser and environmentalist

Carly’s classes offer a vigorous asana practice (with really nice hands on assists) plus beautiful chanting and truly uplifting messages. She makes the teachings of yoga accessible and fun with a rare combination of knowledge, insight, and joy. She remains one of my favorite teachers and I find that I go out of my way to make her classes!
— Catherine Miranda, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and OT

Carly is an exceptional human being and an extremely gifted Yoga Teacher! She is very well trained by world renown yoga teachers. Her classes have a beautiful uplifting flow, and are infused with meaningful yogic teachings and grace filled chanting.

Carly’s deep care and efforts to create a moving yogic experience for her students is very evident in her teaching. Carly generously gives hands on yogic assists, and energetic enhancements to those in class that wish to receive her informative and healing touch. Carly is much loved and respected by her students.
— Corinne Gervai, Director Euphoria Yoga